Since I spend most of my day playing around in the digital realm, I thought to whip out this 21st century private landing page invitation to come up to Ipswich for the 2022 version of the NorthShore Techfest.

Chuck Johnson, Barkeep, Singletrackpub

People ask – What is the NorthShore Techfest?

No they don’t, but come on, you already know what it is. A two-day assortment of technical riding in an area that the Boston Globe once dubbed “the ice age’s gift to mountain bikers”.

Dates: Saturday, November 12th, and Sunday November 13th. Come for a bit, or for all.

Saturday: This year, thinking Mt. Ann spectacular on Saturday morning (10 a.m., subject to confirmation and start location), connect to Passing Gas (a favorite) with some Bruce and Tom’s in the later afternoon. Lunch in there somewhere. Gather back at 9 Spillers by 6pm for basic BBQ to celebrate as many things as possible. We offer indoor accommodations, and outdoor camping if we run out of space indoors.

Sunday: Up for discussion, but Lynn Woods is the perennial favorite where there’s always something there to amuse and amaze, but possibly Harold Parker blitz or back to the inimitable Rockport.

Remaining Questions:

  1. Are there any injured/reserved that just want to hang on Saturday eve?
  2. Will the weather hold? Of course it will. God has never let it rain on this parade! Ok, well, cold won’t stop this, but 100% rain chance on Saturday might. Snow is fine.
  3. Are you in, maybe, or out? Send YOUR response to Keeping the group size reasonable is part of the idea, but let me know if you have someone who has to be on the list.

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