With all the Covid-induced supply chain fears and realities – I thought I’d give a non-Shimano cassette a try during a drivetrain swap-out. I’m religious about certain gear choices, and like all aging codgers, swear by certain items. It would take a lot of evidence to pry me away fromRead More →

Is it the best technical mountain bike trail in the Northeast United States? This exuberant melange of rocks, rolls, and gulps is truly a masterpiece of route finding and trail building. It must have been created by a benevolent genius with an evil streak.Read More →

A new job and a beaten-down bike crystallized the moment to acquire a demo Pivot Switchblade in 2017. A glorious moment! Despite loving everything about the bike and being a much better bike than I arguably need for my skill level – I’ve longed for a return to the hubsRead More →

A quick note on the re-discovery of a super interesting technical riding feast at Heartbreak Reservation in Saugus, MA. As if Lynn Woods wasn’t enough for one town? Just when you thought there was only one fun place to challenge the cajones on Rte 1 – along comes Heartbreak withRead More →

Never a small decision to make in the technical mountain biking dept – a pedal change is a game changer (for better or worse) and these new One-Up Aluminum jobbies are sah-weet. Why: The Canfields that I loved to hate had just gone through their 40th lubing in two monthsRead More →

The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 This tent was definitely in the splurge category. It was clear the tent was either going to be bulky and cheap, or light compact and expensive. I wanted to get a tent that could be easily carried on the bike and knew thereRead More →


Great Trails Everywhere – but Northeast Massachusetts Rocks! There are great MTB trails everywhere these days – a wonder of our time and some perhaps a byproduct of the godawful pandemic.  And, if you lean towards the technical trail – rocks, rolls, impossible ups and downs,  there is an increasingRead More →

Smutty Nose Old Brown Dog

I started drinking this when it was a young pup. It was good then, and after binging on citral-hoppy, awesome IPAs and Quadruple IPAs for too long, I wanted to go back and see how this puppy was holding up against my newly sophisticated beer buds. Bottom line real quickRead More →

This is from the old site, a couple of friends still check in here… June 2009 Now trying to find a good morning ride in the Park City area during a quick SLC trip. A quick analysis of the rides in the area says the Town Loop Trail was the bestRead More →