My favorite pedal that I love to hate.

I’ve been riding these pedals on and off for 8 years. Every so often I take a break, but I’ve found they’ve needed too much darn maintenance to keep them spinning like they should.

When you ride the technical stuff north of Boston on a trail bike with a low bottom bracket – you need a thin pedal so you don’t get hung up and bounce off every rock in your way. I’m a total weenie with a very narrow “zone of happiness” when it comes to pedal depth. I swear that a millimeter can make a difference in a clean/no-clean moment.

Long Term Ride Report

When I bought my first pair, I was literally excited to start banging through rocky sections without banging my pedals. My current ride is the Pivot Switchblade, and while this bike is superior in almost every way to almost every bike I’ve ever ridden, it still has a tendency to bottom out the pedals in uneven rocky terrain.

I’m on my 2nd pair – and I’m considering right now whether a 3rd is in order. They ain’t cheap!

I’m going to put some pictures of the current state of my pedals.

The Good:

  • Thin! Thin! Thin!
  • The convex thing might be cool
  • Decent pin coverage

The Bad:

  • Wear /slop due to…
  • No Bearings – It’s a trade-off – to get this thin, bearings are either impossible or tricky (I’m not sure which). The bushings in these babies fit fine for the first 20 rides – but unless you grease every ride – they’re going to start getting worn and sloppy.

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