Name Picture Claim to Pub Fame Special Message? Bike/Ride Bottle In Pub
Chuck Johnson Barkeep/founder   2006 TREK FUEL EX8 replaced Trek STP 200 (mortally wounded August '06) Tomatin 12 - or any Single Malt, or blend, or beer laying around the house...
Russ Johnson
Brother of Founder and Construction guru.  Picture of Russ at Mount Washington "tour de pain".  Too many to list - most recently Carver 96er.  Also has Dean Titanium and Intense Tracer Southern Comfort, and Bullet Bourbon
John McGarry Single Track Pub Sign Donor - Thanks!

Notorious "cleaner" of technical sections and uphills.  No longer permitted to yelp to those behind when he cleans something - too much info.  

  Specialized Epic  Fuzzy hat old wine bottle. 
Spencer Johnson Prefers to ride nude.  Awesome little guy - eats a bike cake on his 2nd birthday.    Trek Jet 12".  Retire's blue plastic trike given by Uncle Russ and family Milk
Tyler McGarry Some say that nepotism got this guy in. As son of pub's major donor - he yields considerable influence.     Specialized S-Works trike with fixed gear acceleration and braking whatever is in daddy's Camelback (last cleaned:  2004)
Walter Johnson Dad - and chief electrician.  Technical advisor and history as "the great provider".  The ultimate Dewars and Soda devotee.   Climbs every mountain...   Toyota Highlander - current not biking - but who knows... Dewars
John MacArthur Father in law and complete hero during Annika's early birth. As of November 2007 - returns to the road on his new steed...    Raleigh Cruiser Laprhoaig Quarter Cask
Randy VanSickle Fraternity Brother, Brother In Law, and Golf Guru.  Recently rode the old Trek 970 and proved that golfers may be capable of doing something well other than golfing...     Macallan Cask Strength.
John Everett

from "the" bachelor party.

Has first dibs on the pub when/if we sell the house - will negotiate possible sublease from owners.  Gets the regular attendance award.    Jamis? Macallan Cask Strength.
Chris Legere


Loans bike to Pete when Pete doesn't feel like crashing or abusing his bike.  No longer a Virgin of the PMC - Chris is enroute to a career as bike-a-holic. Becoming the guru of North Shore (Mass.) riding.    Specialized Epic..get some discs soon... Beer him
Pete "the fall guy" Cote " The ultimate go big or go home guy.   Occasionally goes home early cause of going big...   Specialized Enduro Pro and Shogun 10 speed.  Some funky rare single malt. 
Rick "Schifty" Schiffman Look for new Singletrack Pub franchise in Warren VT!   Specialized "ElephanTitus" Does he still know how to ride? Balvenie Single Malt
Gary Girouard The piano man extraordinaire. See original recordings at   Co-founder of ePiano and recreational cohort.    Replaced Huffy dug out of the river Charles with Raleigh - ready for a new ride.  Macallan 12 year.
Rich Fell

9/29/06:  Rich kills shop mouse with nail gun!

The "man" behind the construction of the bar/counter.  His woodshop kicks arse!    Jeep CJ7. Forgot how to ride a bike? TBA
Bob Dillon Applying for membership...awaiting security and background checks. This guy likes it technical and wet.  Better confirm your 4 day reservation next time we do a 4 day guy's trip   Titus Fancy schmancy red wines. 
Paul Springob One of the Titus Twins - Paul can be found nite-riding with a pack full of groceries.  From skis to bikes - Paul doesn't recognize fear (although I hear she's looking for him...)   Titus Motolite Any microbrew, any time, any place. 
Johnny Phillips   The only man able to lead a 4-way conference call during an extreme downhill ride.  Helmet manufacturer's love Johnny P!   Santa Cruz Blur If he has time, a fine wine - or beer, or scotch or...
Stephen "Loose" Pope My Tuesday Lunch Ride Partner.  MRG devotee, Singeltrack luva, and wine guru.  Eclectic.    Rocky Mountain Slayer. Huge bottle of JD. Brings his own wine. 
Mark J. Love   Piano biz guru and friend who is no stranger to good times  - occasionally seen on skis - maybe the kids will use his bike?   Bridgestone MB4 Lagavulin 16 year Old

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