Is it the best technical mountain bike trail in the Northeast United States? This exuberant melange of rocks, rolls, and gulps is truly a masterpiece of route finding and trail building. It must have been created by a benevolent genius with an evil streak.Read More →

A new job and a beaten-down bike crystallized the moment to acquire a demo Pivot Switchblade in 2017. A glorious moment! Despite loving everything about the bike and being a much better bike than I arguably need for my skill level – I’ve longed for a return to the hubsRead More →

With all the Covid-induced supply chain fears and realities – I thought I’d give a non-Shimano cassette a try during a drivetrain swap-out. I’m religious about certain gear choices, and like all aging codgers, swear by certain items. It would take a lot of evidence to pry me away fromRead More →