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8/23/06 Note to International Bike after STP200 frame break/problem:


Let me describe my love affair with Trek:


In 1990 - I found a bent Trek 800 in an apartment's garbage on Junk day.  I bent that baby back and built it up with components purchased at my local Trek Dealer, International Bicycles of Brighton, MA.  I rode it for 2-3 years and had a blast as I learned to ride off road.  I was amazed that the thing held up as well as it did.  It was stolen from the basement of a Boston Apartment. 


In 1994 I purchased a new Trek 970 from that same dealer.  I rode it farther, further and had a blast.  It climbed well and just "fit".  I still have it - and use it as a carrier for my Son.


In 2001 I was about to get married - and it was time for a new ride.  My Trek 970 was showing its years and the grip shifts really were a pain by then.  I purchased an the Trek STP 200 after comparing it to many other bikes in the shop. It was new but "leftover" from prior year  - but I didn't care.  It felt better than anything new from the other guys.    This was my "big" purchase prior to getting married.  I've ridden that bike with a sense of appreciation and admiration for the past 6 years.   I've gotten older (now 42) - and perhaps a little envious of the guys navigating comfortably on their full-suspension rigs while I bounce around on "Mr. Softy" as they call my ride.  They push me to consider another bike with full suspension - and they all make suggestions, but I've always stayed true to Mr. Softy aka the STP200.


Then yesterday, in Bear Brook State Park during the middle of a ride - it happened.  Mr. Softy busted his arm loose.  I didn't understand why my wheel was rubbing on the frame at first - but then I did.  The frame had separated at the joint where the chainstay and the bottom bracket meet.  I ride this bike pretty hard - that I admit.  Not as hard as some, but about as hard as a 42 year old musician can.  So today I'm wondering what will happen.  I recall hearing about the lifetime warranty on this and I'm curious if you would consider another Carbon frame that might fit me and offer a little more suspension.   I'll make no bones about it - I need a full suspension ride to help cushion the ride - so to speak.  I'm concerned that a repair may not last nor offer me the security that I've come to expect from my Trek. 

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