Kingdom trails, east Burke, VT

Rating: 4.5 GPS/GPX download:  
Difficulty: Technically easy - aerobically as challenging as you want and can handle.

p.s The Free Ride trail on Burke is supposedly sick (gap jumps, drops etc)

Last Ridden: June 2007
Best Map/Info Link: Trails not to miss: Sidewinder,  Kitchel, Webs, anything with the word "Moose" in it.


After riding a good chunk of the Northeast's best, I can still say that the Kingdom trails are the best collection of XC singletrack in the region.  If you don't have fun here, then - better sell your bike, because you're not gonna' have fun anywhere else with it.  We have built a classic itinerary over two days that samples the best trails, while leaving room for fun, recovery etc.


Our "Classic Itinerary"


Day 1: 

We've typically done a two day ride - arriving around noon day 1 - and riding the Darling Hill side for 3-4 hours - never repeating, always up/down/turns/fun/scenery/small challenges etc.  We always stop at the stupid sand hill drop at Pastoral Point - where a few guys try their hands at it (see Video's for Pete's classic fall).  Trail highlights of the Darling Hill side:


Dinner:  The Pub Outback (behind the General Store) is decent for dinner- but it's the higher calling to make a camp dinner - although sometimes we go for the ease/convenience of the pub etc.. 


Camping:   Brighton State Park in Island Pond, or Burke Mtn Campground.  Brighton State Park is up the road about 30 minutes, and is a very nice campground with great showers, and well maintained sites.  Lean-tos available. In my opinion, worth the drive, although the Burke Mtn Campground would be poised for instant access on day 2, but that would skip the morning climb....

DAY 2:

The second day starts with breakfast at Jennifer's at Island Pond.  Their Engineer's special (2 of everything) provides the fuel and grease to lube the body and mind for the ride to come. Jennifer's is a good reason to camp in Island Pond vs. Burke.  


We ride the Burke Mtn side in the morning.  The ascent up the access road is a good way to burn off the prior night's beer and put the Engineer's power to work.  If it doesn't spank you in some way, I don't ever want to ride with you.  


In June '07 we took an extended route on this side that thanks to cooler temps was do-able.  Here's the route:

  1. Burke Access road to CCC road to J-Bar (rated double diamond).  Climb approx 800 -1000 feet.  Thanks to some thunderstorms, J-Bar was kind of funky - and not as good as described by some.  I'd do it again, but don't expect too, too much, and you'll be pleased.
  2. Back up to Upper Dead Moose via the Mid-Mountain and the connecting trails on the mountain.  Schlog up.  Check wind, schlog on...
  3. The "Moose Collection". Ride anything with the word Moose.  All fun/occasionally somewhat technical moves - the challenge is the speed you bring. 
  4. White School/Nose Dive:  Don't miss Nose Dive.  A good down.
  5. Pond Loop to Pete's Pond: Best way out in my opinion. 
  6. White School finale: A few last up down's and you're out!      

Finish off with a swim behind the bike shop.  Have a beer.  Ride home.  Plan your return trip. 


Other NEK thoughts:

Support the Kingdom Trails with a season pass or larger donation if you can afford to.  This organization is doing a bang-up job of creating and maintaining trails on private land.  This is no small feat and has resulted in a true MTB gem.